Q:  Do Facebook and Instagram ads really work?

A: Short answer:  Yes.  Longer answer:  Yes, if you do them right.  Still longer answer:  The sole purpose of an ad is to drive the right people to your business (your website).  FB and IG ads do that one thing better and more cost effectively than any other form of advertising. 

Q:  Can't I have my intern handle social media?

A:  You can if you like.....but, this isn't social media.  Social media is what you post on your page...and what very few people see...and those people already know you in most cases so they're not your potential customers. 

Ads are the opposite:  you pay as little as $5 a day to get directly into a bride's or groom's feed (or a wedding professional's if that's your target).

Q:  How long have you been using FB and IG ads?

A:  I've been using them for 4 years to grow my wedding decor business (Enticing Tables).  Behind word-of-mouth (still the gold standard), they're my top source of leads. 

Q:  I'm not a techie so this scares me.  

A:  I was scared too so I get it.  I'm not even remotely tech savvy and was the last person in America to give up her Blackberry.  Because I learned ads by actually using them in my wedding business and because I've been teaching for some time, I know where my students struggle and I devote an entire course module to those areas.

Q:  Is there a workbook or something I get to keep?

A:  Yes, you have access to the entire deck of slides and can print before the training to use for note taking.  

Q:  Are you going to make this course available on-line?

A:  Yes, but I have so many people asking to be taught now that I decided to do live and remote tutoring while I get the course put on-line.

Q:  Will the on-line course be the same price?

A:  Yes, it will be the identical course content and pricing, but it won't be live one-on-one so you're getting more value now before I put the course on-line.

Q:  I still have questions that weren't addressed here. Can we talk?

A:  Sure, I routinely schedule 15-minute calls to help wedding pros see if this is for them. 

Q:  How do I book and pay?

A:  You email or call so we can book your session.  Payment is done in advance via Venmo or Paypal.