In 2009, I started a custom event decor company with my  then-boyfriend/now-husband NASA welder.  (Yep, he's an impressive dude).  While Enticing Tables has grown to a team of nine, until I learned Facebook and Instagram ads, we basically designed and built the most original, beautiful and sturdy decor in the industry....that ALMOST NOBODY KNEW EXISTED.

In other words, despite years in sales and marketing at some of the household names you currently have in your refrigerator (Pepsi, Tyson, Nestle, Clorox...oh wait, maybe not that last one), we had a marketing problem.  

I had no choice but to learn Facebook and Instagram ads....and the cool thing is I found out that I LOVE IT.  I love that it drives brides, grooms and wedding professionals to my business.  When one of them says they found us on Instagram or Facebook, it's like crack for this marketer (because I've never done real crack, I'm only familiar with the marketing kind....the kind where you try something to advertise your business and it actually works so you basically want to do it over and over!).

So yeah, I love this stuff for one reason only - it works.  And because I've also grown to love the wedding industry and the people in it (well....most of them anyway, let's be honest here), I love teaching them how to use what I believe to be the best advertising tool available to us in the industry.